Whare Tauira - Model Meeting House

This model wharepuni (meeting house) has been designed to be both fun and educational.  Learn the names of each individual interlocking part and build and dismantle the whare until you become familiar with the construction and name of each component.


Of course traditional Wharepuni are unique to the iwi (tribe) and the rohe (area) and the styles may differ to the one presented. The names may also differ however, it is up to the learner to place his/her own identity within the whare. Paint, decorate and make your own unique Wharepuni to be proud of.


We have made two different styles.  The whare with two windows is based on the ‘Te Awa o Whanganui’ style while with minimum changes we have also produced a generic wharepuni with only one window and a wider front door distinctive in  other rohe.  Perhaps learning and teaching the differences between the two whare styles further enriches our own set of knowledge.