Our Journey

In 1995 we started experimenting in earnest with harakeke fibres to make a range of high quality printing paper. Fifteen years later, as a result of increasing interest and support, we decided to take our flax papermaking out of the '“hobby field' and we successfully launched Pakohe Papers Ltd, and that was ten years ago.  In 2018 we changed our name to Pakohe Whanganui Ltd to reflect the many varied products and services we are now very proud to offer our customers.

It has been a long journey to get to this stage of our development both philosophically and practically and we are justifiably proud to be guided by a tikanga that aligns our practice with the local Kura Kaupapa Māori (total immersion Māori schools), Kōhanga Reo (total immersion Māori pre-school) and Whare Wānanga (Māori Tertiary Institutions). Our resources however are ideal for all Early Childhood Education Centres, Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions, in fact anybody who has a genuine desire to learn more about our language and customs.

We continue to enjoy making the flax paper and offering workshops and we are now extremely proud to be able to offer a range of locally designed and manufactured genuine Māori Educational Resources including a range of Pangarākau (jigsaw puzzles), stencils, tukutuku panels and model wharepuni (meeting houses) and many more.

Our papermaking workshops are designed to teach participants how to conserve the 'pa harakeke' (flax stand) and harvest the flax in a way that will ensure the sustainable future of this valuable resource.  Our handpainted pangarākau (puzzles) are designed to get the tauira (learner) to discuss and learn about our natural rongoā (health care), manu (birdlife) and kaimoana (seafood). New puzzles are being developed all the time.

Education is the first step to conservation and sustainability.